Shattered Mirror Pieces

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 18:53 -- nysia96


Everyone tells me how

beautiful I am, and yet

I don't see none of it.


All I see is a hopeful

girl holding on to false

promises and dreams.


They gather around a

camera and pose with

perfection and no flaws.


I sit back and ponder

on my flawful beauty

while holding back tears.


Why can't I see what they see?

Why doesn't my beauty shine?

How can I feel beautiful if I don't believe I am?


Maybe if I look hard

enough, I'll see it too.

I just have to try.


There's a girl on the

other side of the mirror

starring at me; who is she?


When I look left, she 

looks left. When I look

right, she looks right.


This girl can see the true

me. She can see through

my act of self confidence.


I stare back and see a

monster, but the girl sees

a queen who lost her crown.


I frown, bust she smiles

then reaches her hand 

out to wipe off my tears.


She told me that this

act I put on is my way

of feeling unnoticed.


But she lifted up my

chin and said, "I don't

want you to feel unnoticed.


"I want you to be seen

from miles away." I gave a

mugged looked and asked,


"How can I do that? I'm

not pretty enough. I'm 

no model or actress."


She smiled once more

and said, "No, but you're

much better. You know how?"


I shook my head, and she replied

with "You're a goddess. And all

goddesses are perfect and gorgeous.


"It doesn't matter how different you

are, or how similar you wish you were.

You're a goddess, so start acting like one.


"These advertisement on television

only deliver a portion of the truth: Health

is important, but confidence is everything."


The girl disappeared, and for the first time

I saw my reflection. But I saw the true me:

The Goddess of Love, Passion, Beauty and Confidence.


I saw me.


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