Darkness, my friend


Darkness my friend,

reaching out to me,

tearing at me trying to make me notice you,




Cut. Cut. Cut.

There is no door,

no lock,

no escape,

Darkness my friend,

you fed on me,

Once it began you stayed with me,

I cannot remember those days where I did not want,

to disappear,

I've been thrown down,


slapped with words,

shot by looks,

Fuck you,

you broke me down and ruined me,

For years a razor was my friend,

I begged and pleaded for another way,

I cried tears of disapointment,

So fragile,

held together with safety pins and tape,

days with the crazies,

I am one of them.

I fear something,


The ones who weakened me,

made me lose it,

year after year,

I fell down,

My demons stay as people leave,

Darkness my friend.



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