We are freespirited.





But we are hurt.

Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's.

The can's and can not's.

Tired of having the responsibilities of growing up.

Yet it seems as all distrust us.

We are unique.

We all have dreams and plans.

We all are individual grains of sand. Swept on shore from different currents of waves.

We all have a journey.

A story to tell.

But we are all lost.

Caught between the teachings of science and what we know as faith.

Stuck between spirituality and physical realm

Being taught that we create our destiny and not God

But also being taught that there is no such thing as destiny

We are all in search for truth.

We are tired of hearing time heals because that is like saying to someone, "you are about to die right now but as long as you hold your breath and close your eyes you will live longer."

For the moment you may feel somewhat at ease but as soon as you catch your breath and open your eyes reality hits.

No matter how much most of us do not want to admit this. we all yearn for love.

Not that kind where you are left heartbroken

Or the kind that pleases our sexual desire.

But true love.

And I, have found that love.

We actually have that love all around us. 

I can tell you that, this love doesn't remember your past.

It is not temporary 

It never fails. 

This love is unexplainable.

This love is irrefutable.

Although this love is free it has a cost.

That cost was paid in full about 2000 years ago.

This love is Jesus.

This love is so deserving.

It will mend all shattered pieces.

This love can not be described by words but by feelings.

This love truly passes all understanding.

Although this love was paid over 2000 years ago it is not expired.

In fact this love is waiting with open arms and all you have to do is accept it.



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Our world


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