Love Un-Die


Thou camest like lightening through a blue, clear sky,

Like a strong wind through the trees as I walked by,

Like fire consuming my heart, leaving my body sighing.

I jumped on thy ship and we sailed on and on,

Sailed into a naked sunset until the waves were gone,

Through the night, we journeyed; then we saw the red, blazon dawn.

The course was treacherous and constant never,

I even let thee go, let go of thy heart and thy tether,

But then thou camest back not so long after.

My tears glistened in the heavy moonlight,

As thou walked away, out of my longing sight,

For the desire and the passion were not worth the fight.

My face was red with fury and woe,

As I allowed myself to love thee so,

I didn't dare to embrace thee like a thorny red rose.

But thy valor still glistened with the stars,

And thine eyes never strayed from mine eyes very far,

And thy lips still told me ‘bout thy love, thy prayer.

Thou lookest out in the deadest part of the sea,

Looking ever so fervently, only having the whisper come back empty,

But the wind purged all the venom from thy poisoned memory.

I stood afar off, trembling like a beaten lamb,

And thinking the horrid thought of what a fool I am,

And oh, how I started to hate thee and wished thee damned.

For despising thee was my only relief and physician,

To rid my soul of this wounded and bitter position,

Praying one day to be delivered and contritioned.

My heart was filled with peril and old cinders of a fire,

But my body was frustrated with the climax of lust and desire,

And my need for thee and thy bosom became rooted and dire.

I took a step toward the east where thou stood most idle,

While we both held our hearts close to us to try to conceal,

Never wanting to cleanse care at risk of careless reveal.

Thou heardest me approaching and thou stepped forward,

Trying to draw closer to the black, afflicted water,

Thou was filled with the boisterous and furious horror.

I stopped in my tracks at that most devastating sight,

Still desperately holding on to my dwindling hope and might,

And looked up to see the stars were veiled, showing no more light.

I sank down to the ground in utter despair,

Catching a small hint of your breath in the air,

Wishing for just a moment that life could be merciful and fair.

Water flowed from mine eyes like drops of blood,

And hopeless night crept into my lungs with each breath I took,

Darkness was now my only shelter, my only cloak and hood.

I lay there, whimpering and quivering, like a pimpernel shot,

Feeling death close to my mind, feeling its evil plot,

Waging war on my soul and relieving not.

My eyes darkened, so no color remained,

The deep pools of light fled into the abyss with utter distain,

So that I could no longer feel the warmth of the sun unstained.

Clouds formed over my face, unrelenting and deceiving,

My soul flew out of my chest and into hell receiving,

I never knew my life could be so lifeless, no, not ever conceiving.

Feeling nothing but nothing, so numb and sorrowful,

The very thought of going on seemed trivial and dull,

The sun would never rise again, never, not even tomorrow.

But then I heard thy footsteps creeping closer to myself,

Ever so slowly and gently they were, not even birds could tell,

Moving with grace and timidity, thou were awarest of thy vulnerability of fell.

Mine eyes were glued shut from the infection of old love,

So that I could not look upon thy face hovering above,

But could feel thy hand gliding across my cheek, trying to wake me up.

The water of mine eyes dripped on thy hands,

While every joyous thought my heart now banned,

And thy touch felt like waves on the sand.

Thou whispered to me, “Wake up my beloved,

For the sun is rising and the night is dead,

And the moon is hiding behind his lofty bed.

Wake, wake, my darling, my lady,

For I believe thy ears for my news are ready,

And thy soul for my revealing and telling is worthy.

I dreamed I saw darkness covering the earth,

The mountains crumbled and fell at the unquenchable wrath,

And gone were the times of certainty and mirth.

The ground was uprooted and tilled with a giant blow,

The blanket of doom covered the sun’s last holy glow,

And pain and despair crept through, unwanted, with a scream so sour.

I tried to hide my face from all this torment and agony,

Hoping for some pity or grace as I wept in the street bitterly,

But no such tenderness ever came, despite my awful misery.

I let out my soul with a devilish yell,

Succumbing to the grief amid this ungodly, black gale,

And if any life in me remained, I could not tell.

My corpse lie there, bloody and beaten,

No longer feeling the warm, summer’s greeting,

Or the swift and steady sunrise’s counseling.

Lifeless, I was, oh yes how lifeless!

But then, out of a dark sky came a shining beam of rays,

And grabbed ahold of my cold body lay,

And lifted me up into love on that perilous day.

Thou emptied the world of the demons of doubt,

And set them back on their hell-bound route,

And cleansing the land with thy virginal fount.

Thou spilt thy blood on me with sighing and pain,

Sacrificing thy innocence and thy shame,

Filling my lungs with breath and blood in my veins.

Thou carried me away from death, like a bird from a fire,

Heading toward the sun nearer and nearer,

And away from the despair farther and farther.”

I looked at my beloved with my blood-shot eyes,

And out of the corner I saw the sun beginning to rise,

Starting a new day, leaving behind the devious lies.

My strength had suddenly returned and I pulled myself up,

My love boiled inside me once more, like an overflowing cup,

And I did not know if thou wouldest accept or snub.

But thou embraced me with a lingering touch,

And we once again felt that electrical, pulsing rush,

That not even angels or demons could help but blush.

Into passion and amazement did our love reignite,

Our sighs of passion disappeared into the twilight,

As thou led me forward into love’s land un-die.

I lay there breathless and blithe,

Still feeling thy pulsing groin on mine,

Hearing thy heart beat in thy waist so strong and lithe.

Thou whispered honest and sweet words into mine ear,

Pouring choice perfume into my body, quenching every fear,

And glorious joy came with the sunrise knowing thou were near.

I entered into a world of light and silence,

As my garden overflowed, heightening every sense,

My soul was ever flooding with this precious recompense.

Warmth and quivering crept over my body,

My cries in the night turned into a sweet melody,

But neither thou nor I wanted an exody.

I felt thee trembling in pure ecstasy,

Having thy hand on my breast with forcible intensity,

That the weight of thy hand left my body helpless and breathlessly.

Boils of sweat formed on thy skin,

As thou forced thyself deeper and deeper in,

And the hurricane between us cleansed every sin.

Thy shaking voice let out a final cry,

My throat still held some lingering sighs,

But thou pulled away, breaking the binding tie.

We lay there in the moonlight, our bodies and souls exposed,

The stars looking on us like pictures juxtaposed,

But still thou held me with protection and superimpose.

Thy breath smelled of sweet myrrh and smoke,

From the precious fire that our exclamations did invoke,

And the sleeping giant of lust we did provoke.

The dawn was emerging from the black hole of night,

The sun started to reveal itself with all its blazen light,

And all around me was an unfocused frame of white.

I felt an intense warmth in my face,

As I lay there next to thee I felt vulnerable and safe,

And all the demons of doubt and fear did I chase.

I shut mine eyes for just a moment,

Fulfilling myself with every sound and scent,

Not wishing for any time for me to repent.

But when I turned to take you in and cleave,

I saw that thou had succumbed to the bitter grief,

And thou held no hope of the ability to breathe.

Thou leavest me so quickly, so silently,

Thy soul was ripped from thy chest so violently,

And rooted itself in the ground to die quietly.

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