The Lie


The lie they told spread like wildfire,

burning precious truth in its flames.

All too soon it found its spot upon my doorstep.

Careless control, I saw its destruction:

Burning futures, scorched presents, and pasts turned to ash.

There was no mercy, no reason behind the lie.

Those who told it almost forgot why.

They, too, were locked in its scorching flames,

unable to form the ash back into precious truth.

I heard the claims of the lie same as I saw its terrible truth.

Now so close, I could not turn from it.

I saw that it's flame, so powerful, could not be smothered.

It's voice, now so strong filled my needy ears,

It's warmth so great against the cold behind my back.

Seeing some kind of beauty there, believing its promises,

I felt myself go blind, and I entered the lie.


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