I just want to love you


I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you

You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me

I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true

You choose to starve me and beat me until I can barely see


I don’t understand what I did wrong, tell me I will fix it

I want to please you master, I will do better tomorrow

You put in a pit where I must fight for my life and get bit

It brings me pain to fight then chained up and left in my sorrow


Master come back, feed me, love me, I love you, come back please

Yea, you came back I can barely move tangled up with nothing to drink

You hit me and beat me then whip me more I am not sure how to appease

I am doing everything to make you happy or at least that’s what I think


You leave again after a good beating, a little water and food

I haven’t much shelter from the cold, wind and snow

I think about what I’ve done wrong so next time I can be really good

I will show you what a good boy I am and you will know


Yes, you came back, I love you, I love you and look I am a good boy

Oh yes, we are going for a ride, you do love me!  I’m excited or so I thought

I’m starving; you aren’t feeding me or playing with me by throwing a toy

You put me in a ring with another dog that’s growling and must be fought


Master he is tearing my lip and hurting badly, please help me I am hurt

At last you rescue me, wait, you just chain me back up without helping me

I will lay here bleeding and dying chained up next to the empty bowl in the dirt

Wishing you’d come visit me, feed me, love me and doctor me, but we shall see


Wait who are you, I would run away, but I can’t get up I haven’t the energy

Did you come to hurt me?  You’re not my master why are you unchaining my collar

What are you doing, that feels good, you’re holding me tight and that’s foreign to me

I am not sure if I am safe or if I should scream stranger danger, fuss and holler


What is that you are doing to me, water on my body?  Is that something new?

Oh you are scratching me.  That feels so good, a little more over there.  That’s the spot.

Where did my hair on my arm go?  I am sleepy what does that needle do? 

I wake up feeling refreshed and new, not sure what you did but thanks a lot


Food glorious food, gooble gooble gooble, yum yum yum.  This is the life.

Where’s my master, is he coming to get me, I know he is missing me you'll see

I am not sure what this is on my leg, but I can walk now and live without strife

Thinking back I love my master, but this new master treats like they love me


I am guess I am glad to have a new master after all, I have food and water

I don’t have to fight other dogs to win for a meal and if I lose I get beat

I love bath time and sometimes I even get to bathe with their daughter

Best of all I am free to walk around, play, go outside, drink and eat

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