I took a declaration, so my faith was sealed. I’ll never go back, that what I said with zeal. But I feel that my soul will yield, If it isn't healed.

I knew this world would be ugly and mean. Filled with too many horrors for any man to see. But how could these crimes be, coming from my deen?

You tell one, you tell them all that it isn't true. That none of these devils represent you. But when you turn on the news, who do they turn their eyes to?

Wish you could say it was a lie, but that’d be a lie. To say that no person in the right mind, would ever do such a thing. They just not in the right mindframe. Your faith is framed.

Framed in a fancy border for all to see, nothing displayed but monstrous atrocities. They force you to your knees, telling you to plead “Please forgive me!”

Cause you can't see-

the plagued cities, the groans of the starving, the early mourning in the early morning after the blood stops pouring.


Sands and grass stained red, your closest friend lying dead. Close up the body bag. Pick up the riddled mags. Use the clips as bags. It’s all you’ll ever have.

Funeral receptions are excessive, good days are repressive. See them clean the walls of the tragic fool’s messes.

You truly know what death is. Your life is seen as the deficit. Best get rid of it. Your life is not worth-

It is the harsh world you see in your eyes, no amount of attacks can amount to your people who died.

Tears can't comfort your cry, their blood bleeds through your eyes, and now these fools try to make you the root of evil? Lest they see the weight you hold for your people. Not bound in blood, but in faith. And such a chain rusts from the acidic wastes, this world forces us to taste.


Head filled with demons who frightenly chase telling you to give up your chaste and give up your chase to a place of peace.

Give up and put out, it’s all your good for. Let me snatch your womb in the room of your parents. Take what was sacred, and saved for marriage and overuse for fun. How painfully careless.


Sit down and rest, have a drink with the rest. Best to be accompanied with those who know what's in your breast. The heart beats in your chest become the same as theirs; fat, void, choking from air. Choke from the air they dirtied with care. Take the fire in your mouth, and let it smoulder in your lair. Really no choice but to embrace and share. Burn joyfully, as your hour grows nearer.


This is me. This is we. Byproducts of this waste. Im not going to stand with a smiley face and say this world is great.

I'm not Flawless, what fool do you take me for? I'm Tarnished. Dirtied and black down to my core.

Dear God take mercy on this evil soul. Dear God grant the mercy which you uphold. Dear God protect me from the whispering of them. Be they may from demons, or the men.


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