If I Could Change The World By Brandon T. Mejia


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If I could change The World i Would change our generation from being Vanity slaves to Vanity owners of inspiration, the found hope of our lost generation misplacement advertisement products overly used for  domination.  American drug lords crack poisoning future parents, leaders, teachers, doctors future presidents controlled by peer pressure & judged by our relatives, sibling’s, role models and so called close friends. If i could change the world i would change federal laws no more racism so all people could get along.never judging ethnicity respect of our dignities, respecting our religion regardless of what you beileve in for as long as you search for peace in this Cold world we live in. our U.S soldiers fighting for freedom but are a prison of their own minds, funerals of children being buried mothers are crying lord why. ..if i could changed the world i would open our minds let us seek for truth for we are all colored blind none of us is perfect but we are more than worthy we are all blessed. 
though we're only human. if i could change the world and nothing above it i'll never stand as a follower instead we'll lead against society, we are more than people we are citizens of the future, we are the definition of the change, we are the stories of the truth and not the lies politicians betrayed. we are the youth of future and the presence of today.

thank you for reading - 


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