TRUTH: being set free ©


As words of hurt and sorrow flow from your lips in the most fluent manner, thoughts of depression and despair run through your mind and the feeling that every negative thing that you have ever gone through weighs even heavier on you as your words become harsher, the truth spills from your soul. You fall to your knees engulfed in darkness and beaten down by every negative word spoken to you. Words of discouragement echoes in your head and wraps around your throat trying to choke you, preventing you from saying what you have been harboring for so many years, but you still fight through it as tears roll down your face. You gasp out the last of the truth, wondering if anyone even cared enough to listen, you stop resisting and let go of your will to fight but you realize that the weight has been lifted from your soul and that the darkness faded away as the light radiating from your body fills the room....then you see all of the people speaking their truths, releasing their lights, becoming liberated from their darkness, and at that moment, you were able to stand again and breath......

-The Moon Owl™


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