Star Struck


They say it's best to read your bible and that it's best to have a title,

don't worship false idols, who's to choose, well at the top of the list is,

"if it's at all tribal" it shouldn't exist,

though the other hand proclaims that if you speak what you seek

into existence, you'll be met with little to know resistence, I guess eloquence,

is relevant when it comes to hell bent or heaven sent,

proclamations, they exclaimed! Declarations that were in vain,

though with each new name, I've never changed, to instinct I'm not estranged,

in this day and age of molecules we rearrange,

interdimensional detrimental intervals, of self awareness but intelligence

is still superficial, our morals are artificial, based on policies,

of superstitious government officials, and ancient prophecies,

the evil is resonant, people can achieve the upheaval of the president,

isn't it evident, that position isn't a residence,

now-a-days true democracy ,is opposition to the current oligarchy,

let's end this, defeat your enemies through friendship,

the generations to come don't need to repeat our mistakes,

greet is at stake, give it away, know that the last time you seen a star was every day,

they'll stay longer when we're gone, since we'll vanish some day,


Star struck, soul suck, safety stuck, you're out of luck,

get your fix for a quick buck, mixed with chems, but yeah so what,

flames touch, lips much, this new game becomes a crutch, lean on me just drop the clutch,

clench your brain I have your trust, drenched in cocaine and other drugs,

ridiculous but it's a must, stick with us, get sick with us,

die with us and cry with us, feel the pain that is untamed, we've gone insane,


Expectations are to blame, normally I'm lame but with each injection,

time;s hung in suspension, there's no end to this income, infinitum,

equally numb, secretly dumb, crime or reason, I'm with treason,

I won't concede to universal deceit, truth doesn't hide like lies when you seek,

undefeatable repeatable techniques, teach,

you a lesson drop you mouth first on a steeple every time you speak,

that's the only moment I'm inspired by religious spires,

otherwise you're a bunch of liars, stupid as wood and just as good for fire,

fuel this rage the double sided blade pulled from stone,

now a pen on this page it's right at home, like I write at home

when in my mind I roam, when I'm all alone.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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