List of Things You Do Not Understand

List of Things You Do Not Understand:


Number 1: You taught me how to smile.
You stitched words together so skillfully. Careful to use the correct ratio of facts and compliments. Mindful to caress my scars and explain how happiness is not tied to any sort of backstory. You taught me how to smile without feeling guilty.


Number 2: You taught me about empowerment.
The graceful dance steps you took closer to my poor worn-out heart served as reassurance that it could do so, as well. Beautiful honesty meant more to you than just simple compliments, it was the principle you stood for.


Number 3: You taught me about growth.
How it took place in the unkindest of places. How pain became more than a tool, but rather, a process that forges you into who you ought to become. How personal goals are to be defined by your own self, and not by those around you.


Number 4: You taught me about courage.
And how suicide was not the act of the bravest coward, but of the frightened deer who refused to fight - or maybe, was too tired to continue. How standing up for what I believe in was the most frightening thing I would ever do - and the most rewarding.


Number 5: You taught me about compromise.
And how the world wasn't spinning out of habit, but rather, it spins out of commitment. How treaties are to be renewed once they run past their expiration date, and how friendship is the strongest bond I'll ever witness. Not because they do not leave or expire, but because it is only with those who fight for it to stay, to renew and change, that I will understand who the truest people are.


Number 6: You taught me about truth.
And how it does happen to come in absolutes. How realities are blips in the system, and the system is the truth we have all grown to ignore, because it does not fit in our delicately put-up curtains of hope. Truth is your weapon, and you wield it delicately. No, not delicately. Flawlessly. Skillfully. Precisely. Steadily. Beautifully. It is an extension of you. It is your soul.


Number 7: You taught me about magick.
And how it lives inside you. The same way wind molds itself to create the kindest of noise, and the harshest of touch. Unyielding and uncompromising. Skillful and determined. You spoke to me about magick, and how it lived inside you. How it came just as naturally as love and how it seemed just as certain as the future.


You don't understand how my love for you lead you to become an advocate for the universe, and heart for it's soul. You don't understand all you've taught me, for you have yet to see it yourself.

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