I need

I need to get over this


cuz i feel like shit 

but how do I just forget about this?

it takes precedence in everything i do and everything I say

it hits me hard with no delay

more like andale

and no I’m not feeling ok

you’re bugging me

and I’m bugging her

can’t leave her alone with my stunning words

i have a way with them

at least Ive been told

I sit here hours on end just writing and yo that never gets old

but one thing does forsure and thats my state of conscience

its con science 

its bad and sometimes starts riots

my mind used to be enlightened as the highest

I used to be biased about myself and my diets

but you turned me to defiance

and now i just turned to violence

hit my fridge cuz its metal and dented it with my fist


going to cost a fortune and now my moms yellin 

she’s pissed 

shit lists I’m on them

maybe if I never wore a condom you’d stay here with me cuz

the babies need fathers

but really thats selfish and immature

i try to find kin in these words

and man, maybe that sounds absurd

so fuck it ima just burn

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