Silenced Truth

     Stop Listen to the words, that I'm about to say, The words unspoken, Ideas and notions chewed on, spit out, or thrown away ,Always told to be unique and different, Making you believe one day you'd land on the stars, Now walking around this indifferent world, You landed on broken mirror shards, The shards of truth pierce into your skin, You begin to bleed as the cut goes deeper, Worries fill your head that no one will hear your screams, And you continue to hold on as your heart gets weaker, Little did you know, The truth had this planned all along , To get you to the point, Of just barely holding on, For the truth helped this child, Rise back to her feet, He treated her wounds, And told her to speak, I was this child, And for so long I was lost, Unsure of what was right and wrong to say, I stopped at all cost, But with the help of truth, I broke society's mold, And am telling you today, The truth that needs to be told


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