The Ultimate Truth

Sat, 01/03/2015 - 16:47 -- Seeen


I’m not one who has an alter ego,
a lie people create when they’re feeling shallow,
an ideal to covet and try to uphold,
when in reality they are much less bold.


To me, the truth is the highest of priority,
the truth to yourself rather than ideas of superiority,
I don’t need to pretend to be of fortune and fame,
because I don’t think that’s how you play the game.


This game of life is a tough one,
and many people forget to have fun.
They try so hard to be someone they’re not,
attempting solely to fit into the lot.


But why fit in when you can be more?
Why be the same when the same is a bore?
There’s many things to see and do,
things only possible with the real you!


You don’t need to fit in with the common cool,
don’t get caught up in names like “hipster” and “tool”!
You’re your own person, and don’t you forget.
You can’t grow stronger with this safety net.


So what if you’re black, or white, or green.
So what if you’re bulky, or tall, or lean?
So what if you’re gay, or straight, or bi?
So what if you’re a girl, or a herm, or a guy?


We’re all people on this flying space rock,
what good is it to make more trash talk?
We all have opinions and feelings and emotions,
why can’t we just forget the commotions?


I myself am but a simple person.
I enjoy worlds of fantasy and fun.
I like to consider myself one of the arts,
a wielder of the power in all of our hearts.


I’m a bit of a cynic, but that’s okay.
From time to time, idealism comes on its way!
I have a small shred of hope left,
but it’s a strong little shred full of heft!


I believe that if we can all get along,
we can transcend the bad like a triumphant song!
We can unite against the terrors of our minds,
and in the end, shed our binds.


I’m all ready one who rather lacks moderation,
my ideals are voiced without hesitation.
While we have the capability to fight and argue,
we also have that to cooperate and be true.

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