What we do



Im done

Im sick and tired

Of your shun

Its icy


My price

Is misery

I suffice.

Im sick

Im done.

Youre not the only one.

My head, it hurts

My hearts gone cold

Im glad I wasnt worth

That bloody Gold.

Buy your toy

Blame your kids

Love your boy

Cause this is it.

I dont love you

I dont care

You arnt a dad

If your not there.

When Im in need

You push me down

And when I plead

You adjust your crown.

Why dont you bow

As I pass

Cause my love for you

Wont last

The way you torture

And ridicule me

Theres no cure

To make me happy

Thanks for the advice

And useless tools

The endless cries

And broken soul.

I loved you dearly

But now we're through

Cause dad you broke me

And now Im you.

Enjoy my silence

While im ignoring

And my absence

Ill be snoring

Dreaming and forgetting you

Cause isnt that the way we are

Isnt that what we DO.


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Tragic, but all beauty is like that, isn't it?

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