I put my feet to the street I've never felt a heat,

like this,

my souls(soles) melt with each step I take,

I wanna make a break, and run for it,

like Run Forest!


where I'm from there are no trees, no shade, just hot days,

I've been passed the boiling point of no return,

I've reached a burn, that exceeds my capacity for keeping it cool,

voices tell me to conform that a heater is my only tool,

than to excel in school, train my brain, don't be a fool,

I'll follow but not blindly,myself of course as a rule.


Allow room for growth, room to breathe, room for hope,

I'm learning to believe, I'll achieve, this I know,

no one can stop me, no two and no three,

there is no amount that can account for the feelings I feel,

while the ceiling fan spins I'm spilling all that I think is real,

ink has sign and sealed, my fate, pin-wheeling on the brink of destruction,

my lips drink from that cup and continue to function.


I'm fighting up a well everyone throws wishes on,

I'm trying to conceal the strain I carried for so long,

pressure from people I haven't met, yet

to impress them I must complete my own tests,

to ensure the best is all you get from me,

this I stress with much gravity,

nights I can't sleep, these rhymes I can't keep,

a gift of riddles for you to sift through when deep in shit heaps,


the heat lingers this trigger wants to scratch my itchy trigger finger,

in fact both hands have this rash, with ideas to match, I'm mixed and mashed

up, surrounded by guns and boxes of cash, my life's trash, imagine if you crash

landed on Earth in Phoenix city of Ash, where every idea you have is bound to backlash,

no secret stash for plan b, outside it's triple digit degress,

where GTA is no game, each company brands you NO-NAME,

enough to drive you insane, until you run out of gas,

until you're out on your ass, running around town and both feet are flat,


thank goodness heat rises, I've got my own surprises,

plasma! in my veins like the place I call home I'll have arisen and flown,

until peace or fame I attain, one for health one for gain,

one for all all for none, a nihlist with a magnum, damaged goods I had some,

packages of innocence, poor management led to sacrilege

but what's rightfully mine, I will have right on time,

insufflate these line like coke, leave your mind running all night nose bloody I'm no joke,

you can't swallow the truth so choke, you are what you eat you dope, tangible slow poke,

full of smoke, puffed up on adrenaline, you should have never let me in,

I terrorize you minute men, like my name is eminem


Switch the flow quick the frontlines at home,

headlines make me sick I can't be all alone,

who else thinks like this who else smells the piss

you'll find ignorance in a faceful of bliss,

obviously oblivous if not me who's uplifting us,

mom's really religious still praying to Euro-jesus,

but hoping isn't action hope is just a fraction,

progress requires interaction with mind not tech contraptions,

with self so introspect, trust you, that's self respect,

accept all you expect, except what you regret

it go you have to let, ego that bitter pet, set me free!

the inner child screams, I see infinite reams of paper in my dreams,

not money you dummy but pages I publish it's safer to punish,

people like me they consider enemies public,

execution is the only solution, no one dare cry freedom no one dare speak of revolution,

but your tires revolve, clocks wind and evolve,

aren't we in orbit, take a minute to absorb it,

so revolution isn't war, it's what's next, it's what's in store,

it's inside of you and I, know the truth, no more lies

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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