Do you stand here with me?

For I stand Here with me

Do you want to be here with me?

I don't want to be alone with me


Watching over the mountains, I felt a burning desire of nothing

You took my heart away from freedom and its trapped inside this kingdom

I was only humble and honest but you went ahead and took advantage

Misleading in so many ways you never keep your words it was all display


If you really had interest, you would be truthful and never lose hope

Things were happening too fast for my mind to process, it’s so sad

I question God, why is love so hard? I won’t give up I must be smart

Lost and confused like a boy in the wilderness, can't tie his shoes

Frustration takes over, something he doesn't miss. I must move along and let time heal

What my words cannot seal, everything is broken though others see it different


It’s unfair I didn't know the whole story, and I will not choose to deal with it

The kid wants to lead his life and not become a mere tag along for things

As I want support and motivation and not be judged and inferior

Confidence can rain over knowledge but don't act like your king of wisdom

As that can become sinful, you will learn the hard way


Then I realized there was someone always there whom I pushed away

Who doesn't meet my strict standards but treated me right

I stood alone because I wanted to, I ignored the feelings to stop the fuse,

Now God told me to breath and choose


I got carried away with excitement with the time spent in the beginning

It became lustful until things died and since I cared it became hurtful

I need redirection and know not to settle for less, I deserve better...

Through obstacles I learned what’s important being genuine and honest,

The river moves fast through mountains, but I slowed it down with my eyes and saw what made me happy.


Do you stand here with me?

For I stand Here with me

Do you feel you could be with me?

I am scared to be alone, you see


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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