A Beautiful Mess

The voices in my head

Laughs and stalks

Mocking their way to my heart


My heart has a door

The key Jesus

He is who opens and locks.


The voices in my head

Laughed and stalked

Troubled in the waters

Moving into the sands

Of sins multiplied.

They cannot stay in a bin

Too much, don't touch

Or you may get...


The voices in my head

Laughs and stalks

Mocking their way to my heart


Drop they say, drop

Stop I say, stop

They say,

You were made to be this way



No! A lie from the pit

There's too much clarity,

Not of my own but what is...





I am more than

The voices in my head

That laugh and stalk

Knockin down whatever

Peace-ability I have.


They come from a dark place,

You know,

No Salvation lives there

From the pit

Where it came

No return.


But a silent voice

Calls out in the day

Calls out in the night

Tells me everything,

Everything is alright.


Trust in this voice

Silent in heart

Must be salvation

Trying since the start

To get in my mind.


There is nothing more


Then one stuck

In time.


What a fool

I was,


It's understood.


The voices in my head

laughs and stalks

Trying to mock their way to my heart.


I stop them with one clear

Move to faith

Jesus is key

You see?

In this Peace-poetry


God is the place

Where rest sits

On this face

And many others.


The truth is now known

I know ones would hate it so.

No perfections in this

Earth, just a beauiful mess


I cannot stress.


Peace-ability is not your own

You cannot reap

What you have not



Trust is the must

Jesus is the only





This you must know

This we must show,















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