In The Light

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 20:16 -- rauchb2

Normal is a horribly ugly word
It imprisons the people it labels
takes beauty and cages the bird

Diaries make for lonely companions
yet here I write my darkest words
As the shadows on the wall mimic phantoms

The people in white ask me to speak out
but the drugs they pour down my throat
make me silent when all I want is to shout

I run and run as fast as I can
they say I chose this for myself
and it haunts me like a tattooed brand

Silky smooth does the liquid go down
and it gurgles back up
and I choke back every horrid sound

A life like this isn't what I craved for
A story like mine is only something I can write
There is so much more in store

A story that's sad and lonely
surrounded by so many people
I can let go if I wanted, if only

I had the strength in my hands
but the drugs tie me and hold me
like rough ropes tied into bands

The only light I can see here
it the one at the end of the tunnel
It calls me softly and I am without fear

These are the reasons why I write
to tell the sad stories
of the boys and girls in the light


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