What is life? HAIKUS

“Evening Suns”

Twilight sets as a black night approaches

Stars twinkle passionately

“Morning Stars”

Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here

Then beyond space lies greatness

“Silent Winds”

Indescribable peace and quiet hold back.

Cyclonic vibes which entwine.

“The Thunder Clouds”

Breathtaking explosions curse mighty Earth

Misty rain awakes the storm.

“Dry Barks,Wet Fears”

Drainage of weak expressions escape the mouth.

Drowning moist thoughts of horror.

Timeless Times

Forever endure everlasting life.

An end is indefinite.

“The Faults of Tears”

Condemn the guilt no longer for one’s sake

Painful cries draw our hearts near


“Echoless Wind”

Vibrate sounds unleash without reflection

Whispers of air float above.

“Mute Screams in Nature”

 Quietly screeches soften a riot

World of personalities.

“The Sky Often Cries”

Arise time and again Heavens of blue.

Sorrow filled teardrops now

This poem is about: 
Our world


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