Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound

Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse

Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?

An old man in the sky, judging you till you die, what a fuckin' lie

God couldn't give a fuck less, I guess in that way you're blessed

You chose to separate yourself from source, almost like a divorce 

Just so you could experience free will, that was the deal

To become pissed off, and live like Wild Bill

Guarantee Mother/Father God advised you against it

But you were insistent, So fuckin' persistent

Like a stupid ass teenager, not believing in danger

Wanting to grow up, to be a Texas fuckin' ranger

But before you can start carrying that gun on your waist

All memories of who you truly are, need to be erased

Your blissful place of peace and love, replaced

With a world of shit, A fuckin' rat race

A world filled with lust, envy, and greed

Starting as a seed with so much you fuckin' need

A frail pathetic body that easily bleeds

Just a problem for your parents to feed

Added chemicals in the air for you to breathe

Airplanes that spray you like roaches day and night

Pilots can't tell the difference between wrong and right 

All kinds of cancer and disease 

Depression, hunger, and fatigue 

False teachings for you to believe

I pray to God everyday, but he don't fuckin' say shit

I'm down on my knees, see my legs fuckin' bent

I'm fuckin' tired, and about ready to quit

Now would be that time to intervene 

Because of the shit I've already seen

Maybe it's me, and I just never learned to listen

I guess in school that class was fuckin' missin

I did go to church, seen you nailed to that perch

Just a reminder, your situation was worse

Let me grab that tithing out my purse

Oh, I get it, I'm supposed to feel guilty

But that shit isn't real to me

Two thousand years have passed

Millions have been killed and harassed 

No one gives a fuck about their sins

Just how long before their life fuckin' ends

They say you chose this life, and everything in it

Whoa, Wait a fuckin' minute, I'll never admit it

How the fuck I'm gonna choose to be born

To live a life with my heart fuckin' torn 

Filled with pain, suffering, and misery 

Why the fuck would I do this to me

The moment I was born, I realized I'd made a mistake

Now 95 fuckin' years my head and back is gonna ache

Don't tell me, what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger

And if I don't smoke or drink, I can stretch it out longer

That I can stay alive using a shoebox full of pills

Just so I can pay these never ending fuckin' bills

Why do you think they poisoned the food and water you drink?

Keep your medical bills high, now you have to pay not to die

If you can't pay your rent, they'll put your fuckin' ass on the street

If you don't die from the heat, you can beg for somethin' to eat

Hold up a sign, and hope you get enough for some wine

Yeah, I'm sure that's the life they actually chose

No money for clothes, that's just how it goes

You could wrap your dick with some fuckin' leaves

Just like the Adam and Eve's 

Or end up as some thieves 

It's not hard to see, nothing's free

How fuckin' hard is this supposed to be?

At least all these lessons I get to keep

Everyone else will live their lives as sheep


Jade Gibson


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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