You cannot and you will not be nothing more than you are now

You are not a butterfly, no pretty wings will sprout from your nonexistent limbs ; you will forever be a worm

You will be tied down and put into a barricade we nickname a cocoon because there is no growth in sight for you

But I always was the rebellious type

The type to defy gravity and show them that I could grow wings with out having to be hidden in the depths of a cocoon

I can soar to new heights over night and I have no problem ever looking back because I am flying after my future and there is nothing but broken promises and empty dreams in my past

I'm trying to move on

I want to create a new creature

something so beautiful the world has never seen and I'll float carelessly through the breeze and I no longer will let life just carry me because I will be in control

No more will I hear people telling me no because I will be soaring too high in the clouds to hear their pessimistic sounds

I am a butterfly

And I am now aware of all the potential that I have but first I just have to make it there

So many obstacles will try to prevent me from getting there

But no weapon formed against shall prosper

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me bad thought can desert me because I am after a much bigger outcome

As I sail through the winds and I finally win the only sweet sounds that I will hear are 



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