Skittles in one hand ice tea in the other

Skittles In one hand ice tea in the other

There came a night when

A boy walks with skittles in one hand and Ice tea in the other

This boy did not know this would be his last walk

This boy did not know his last meal would be skittles and the sweet nectar of ice tea

This same boy who walks with ice tea in one hand and skittles in the other notices he followed

The boy makes a call to his dear friend

He tells her the situation the follower mistakes skittles and ice tea for a weapon

A scuffle breaks out between the boy and the follower

A loud bang goes off

After one man stands while a boy falls

The skittles and ice tea spill and mix with red liquid

Treyvon falls while Zimmerman stands

All the boy had was skittles and ice tea in hand


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