Blood Runs Deep


"I'm grateful that yous was unfaithful, cause i wouldn't have been able

to keep my mental stable and live a fable 

with a woman's who's "Slut-Soo-Easily" labeled 

dear GOD I'm so THANKFUL for saving me from that sable relationship 

that was more upside down than a flipped over table 

which would've been more than just my downfall

it's already my biggest regret, my blackest secret yet, and you still ain't heard it all

my mother warned me, my sister told me, my brother I'm so sorry for not listening

lo lamento, I'm being so sincere, as i write this here my head's spinning

if i only had a beer, for all them crocodile tears i'd be filthy rich, winning

instead is them bitter memories i've been trying to forget, 

i mean i believed i tried my best, wasn't the best but damn i accede the rest

I'm only human i know i made mistakes, but you gave me much more than just a heartache

i gave you all of me, my heart was for you too take, now its too late

i can't believe i shared the doors of my corridors with someone  i thought i adored 

before i knew she was just a griimy whore now I'm sure there will never be an encore 

therefore the heartsore is just yours, even though i chose to ignore

and my familia implored me to use my own mother's history as a mentor,

and save myself from this internal war but theres so much more

that i wanna restore, all that time wasted and all that i lost

now I'm making amends; building rapport,

with the people i turned my back on before, because of you

Naw i don't blame you, i blame me for slipping so and putting so much faith in you

How blind could i have had been, putting so much trust in that so called kin

i was weak, kinda meek something like a geek but that Mauricio, shall never ever repeat

i learned first hand, than only through my familia does Blood Runs Deep."


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