So-called American History


White woman: 

The United States of America was founded in 1776 and discovered by Christopher Columbus.

He came to the land to make new friends.

But, the Indians turned against them.

Oh no! I can't believe they did that.

Native American woman:

None of this is true!

My Native American ancestors didn't know what to do.

The European came into their land.

Tried to walk up in there, like he was the man.

Thanksgiving is what you celebrate?

I don't know why...

Because the Europeans tried to destroy the Native American race.

This wasn't about "let's join together,

let's eat together,

let's have peace together."

This was about SHOOT SHOOT. BANG BANG.

Kill all the "Indians" 

and let their blood rain.

White woman:

Now, the African Americans came to help our fore fathers build our nation.

They didn't do all of the work, but after it was done,

they felt liberation!

Black woman:

I can't believe she just said that.

Our ancestors didn't come over here to help!

They were forced to!

Beaten daily with something like a belt.

Songs, hymns, and quilts.

That's how my ancestors dealt with the pain.

The back strain.

And, from going mentally insane.

They endured rapings, lynchings, and killings.

You think we liked this type of stuff?!

You think we were liberated after this?!

Nah, we weren't liberated.

We were in shackles, under enslavement.

We're still under enslavement now.

Mental enslavement.

Most of our black men are either dead or in jail.

Yeah, mental enslavement is real.

They legalized abortion, because there's "too many black kids in the world"

Whether it's a strong black boy,

or a sweet back girl.

They tried to make it seem like all black women are weak.

But, we're not all like this.

I know some strong black women!

Some independent black women!

Some smart, well-educated black women!

We have self-worth and courage,

even when we're hurt.

Our ancestors built this nation.

Their struggles and hard work established this generation.

I feel good inside, when I hold onto their spirits,

as if they were alive.



I love this!  Do you mind if we feature it on our social media sometime next week?  We'll definitely give you credit and link to your poem!


Let me know :)





PP Staff


Thank you so much. I appreciate that. And, no I don't mind if the poem is featured. I'd love it! Just let me know when you're going to do it and forward me the website, I'd love to see it and pass it along to my loved ones. Thanks again.


P.S. If you don't mind, could you share this poem with you Facebook and Twitter friends, I want the world to see it!

Imani Sophia

Woah, this poem is deep. A debate between those who believe in the whitewashed history and those who witness and know their history and truth. Just to make themselves to feel better about the pain and suffering they caused, trying to make it seem as though they've done nothing wrong, our previous oppressors needed to be knocked off their pedestal. This poem is like a smack in the face to those who still believe in everything they learn in the history books. There's so many sides to the story and i believe you poem portrayed that. Very good poem


Wow! Thank you so much. I am so happy to see that people are understanding what I'm talking about and enjoying my poem. I really appreciate your comment, and I am happy that you understand exactly where I'm coming from. If you can, please share it on Twitter or Facebook. We need more people out there to know the truth! Thanks again! Stay blessed.

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