Take Me Back

I am everything I could ever ask

When time flits away my inner beauty thrives

Guiding me to the infinite fountains

Soaking me in eternal light

is the truth and hope that exceeds the expectations and prevails against the odds

shunning deception,pushing it further down the technological drain

My pores, my smile, my everlasting morals

makes the realization of me flawless, and in no need of a fraudulent filter

Take me back

when consciousness of your complexion or size didn't exist

when we basked in our youth and made our days worth while

The importance of likes our seemingly perfect photo got was in the future

a future I should have dreaded

because the present was so absolute

Personalities shined with sincerity

leaving artificial qualities to crumble and fall

So go ahead, filter, angle and cover up superficial flaws

But me, me with no filter is stunning

my true qualiies run rampant with boast because who I really am is beautiful


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