The Bad Conversationalist


My opinions are right

Anyone else's is stupid and aren't worth a second thought

You’re stupid, I am smart

You're wrong, oh so wrong

And I am right

So shut up and listen to all of,

My wisdom

Life’s greatest satisfaction is knowing that you’re always right

To exploit the truth and never be forgiving. 

Why are my opinions so offensive?

Why are my views so narrowing?

Because I walk and talk like I got it all.

I argue my point until I can no longer stand it,

Ringing in and out of machoism

So much so my feminity cannot subscribe.

I am absolutely brillant!!!

An impeccable genuis right from the start.

I dig deep down into the bone

Marrowing up deep-seeded truths.

Only, the catch is, those are my half truths not yours.

I do not share the same telescope of reality you do, so your feelings are less than favorable.



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