A "Device"-ive Relationship

Here is a story

Left often untold.

Of a young lad and his lass, 

Unusual to both new and old.

The words are aflight

And the plot is afoot --

There! Do you see him?

Dirty, covered in soot,

Completely barefoot.


But alas, his young lass

Stood steadfastly by.

Unwavering, unyielding,

Shining, a guiding light.

"Will you help me, are you there?"

He asked, eyes an empty stare.

"Do you see me, do you care?

Do you see me, in all of my despair?

I am lonely, I am poor.

Without my only friend, 

What am I to live for?"


But still she looked on, 

Unchanged in her gaze.

Still shining bright,

His vision began to haze.

"Oh darling, my darling,

My only begotten friend,

I've known you from the very beginning,

And I'll love you until the end."


Unmoved by his proclamations,

She abruptly shut her eyes.

Their entire world went black,

And he yearned for their demise.

"If even you leave me,

Oh darling, my darling,

Truly, there is nothing to keep me

From being so daring,

As to end all that keeps us

Together and thriving.


Little did he know,

She had little thoughts on the matter. 

Just a few numbers,

On black, as green members.

In columns and columns

The digits flew by,

Yes, what is it he said?

A forever goodbye?


She now understood,

And blinked in response.

To him, it was

An emotional nuance.

To her, it was nothing --

Another day in the routine.


Seeing her indifference,

He began to understand.

Surely she would not

Be indifferent to his reprimand?


Second after second,

He eagerly awaited.

Minute after minute,

He sat and debated.

Hour after hour,

He began to despair.

Where is my darling?

Truly, are we beyond repair?


Then, suddenly, a brilliant reply!

Her lights flashed again.

"Darling, darling!" he cried!

"Update, now or later?"

"Later! We're going to the altar,

O, fairest that I've seen!"

He no longer had to hate her.

Macintosh, his queen.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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