Musing In Pursuit

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Life skids ahead

As people bid adieu

Strangers keep coming

Friends keep changing

Cheaters keep bluffing

Hence my judgements keep ranging

My reality, personal convictions

My consequence, impersonal inceptions

Somebody's trust isn't a reliability to adjust

The truth sometimes nonplussed often prompts distrust

Anybody's honesty is said to be a novelty

Alas, liars out there invariably elucidate dishonesty

Circumstance is the state of affairs

Opportunity waits only for a moment

Play the game of chance or live forever in a trance

Curiosity was never gratified by postponement

Dreams are pursuits to be realized

Feuds are disputes to be immaterialized

Recklessness is a senseless adulated joke

Lead forward wisely; leave the nonsense burning within the smoke



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