Behind these Eyes, Behind the Curtain


Behind these eyes shows who I really am

What you have seen , is just a mask

I look so brave with fire in my eyes

But in my heart there is a surprise

I seem strong and always happy

The truth is within I am lonely and sappy

You see me as an inspiration that strives

I see myself as a lost pretender confused with life

What you see is a brave soldier with an angry look in her eyes

The truth is I am a warrior with a caring soul and gentle features

You see me as someone who has no fears, like just a creature

No one is flawless, I have had my scares and I am also human

Behind this curtain I hide behind

Is a girl whose trying just to survive 

I am the girl that everyone barely noticed

But little do they know I am determined and focused

I have had my smiles and I have had my tears

All those previous fears no longer can tear me

I am the most caring person if only you could see me

My true potential to save lives and help people

No one deserves to be mistreated or bullied

Therefore I am secretly there for people who need it

I have been hiding behind a curtain as you can see

But with this poem it is finally my time to break free

What prevents me from holding back the curtain as you may see

Is the fact that no one would understand the girl underneath the shadow

A girl who fights, cares, worries and has doubts

But is secretly a girl who wants to spread her wings

With this society, no one would accept the real me

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