Blood Transference (Part III)


I'm down on my fucking knees
I'm crying out oh help me please

No! You stand on your own
Theres no one around they have all left you
Its your turn now its time to save you

I feel the courage rushing in
A new sight forms beneath my eyes
A new heart replacing mine
A new faith
A whole new form of vision
This isn't me no more
Im no longer pretending
Im rewriting this script
Itll have a whole new ending
You don't need to justify your actions anymore
Im done with you I finally closed the door
My heart beats for no one
But just to keep me breathing
My mind thinks of no one
Just of the darkness that is in me
I wont open up again
I finally closed the gate
You cant take my love anymore
Its now replaced by hate

Don't come back again
your wasting your time
I gave you my heart once
And you let me die
But I picked myself up
An ripped off your disguise

I walk alone again
I no longer need you
I walk alone again
Living life anew


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