Those Eyes

There’s a woman there, I can see her.

She stands out to me, it’s her eyes.

Something about the way she’s staring back at me grabs me.

I search for something else that defines her. I desperately look over the woman that’s staring back at me.

It’s not her clothes. She’s dressed like all the other girls her age.

No, it’s not her clothes. It’s not her hair or her face either.

It’s something about those eyes.

I stare back at them, gazing deeply into what they’re trying to tell me.

She’s POWERFUL.      

I can see it more and more as I look at her. She’s different because there’s something burning there, behind those eyes.

She’s full of dreams.

I can see them now, each and every one of them, flitting on her eyelashes.

That’s why she’s so different. That’s why she stands out.

She aspires to be AMAZING.

It’s enveloping her now, her face, those eyes, her clothes, her hair.

She doesn’t need a filter.

I look over the woman once more, and I realize I’m looking deep into myself.

“Choose a filter”, my phone prompts me.

I won’t.

I don’t need to.

This is who I am without a filter.

I fill in the caption box, “I’m powerful, I have dreams and I am going to be amazing. #selfie”



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