The Common Era


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The check on your sneakers does not represent the latest fashion. It is the slave driver of your mind whipping away another greenback from your piggy thats just been stolen and given to children to increase obesity in America. Betcha didn't know that that pig you just ate is the replica of another. Kinda like these hypebeasts out here when they see someone with the latest pairs of the same man on the same shoe that was recalled a couple years before the origin of you. Now let me ask you, what's so cool about being a reflection of the person sitting across from you when they're saying things that only deem you worthy of two cents when really you should be listening to Common on using the sense that is your birth right...The common mindset is to go with the flow, but if every girl went with the flow of everything a guy said wouldn’t’ that make her a hoe? But if a guy goes with the flow of having multiple women thinking he's the only one adding his pain to multiply his pleasure to it equals out to him being the new mayor of Townsville where if he scores three in a hole he's promoted to a kingly role. But then he says we don't save these damsels because they're in distress of not being loved by an abusive father who never prayed to the Almighty Father. Who breathes oxygen into your lungs every morning just so he can be the first to speak to you. Unlike the pillow soggy like Wonder Bread with tears, that you were forced to hold close to you because the one you loved stepped out on you...This is the Common Era where being original goes more along the lines of "I dare ya"...You see parents have no time to regulate a first date, when the girl's 15 and the guy's 28. Because they can't be late for that 9-5 not knowing that their son dropped B-Ball to push weight or that their youngest questions whether he's gay or straight. Afraid to be himself in this Common Era filled with hate. Where every time somebody goes missing it's a new episode of the "First 48"...This is the Common Era...Where beauty is defined by the majority. And grinding to success is no longer a factor. It's about how you lay it down or rather who you let lay you down just so your dreams from PG years don't turn into an X-rated nightmare...Money, sex, and power trips are veiled behind sports, fashion, and idolism...This is the Common Era where getting lifted and faded are more important that Jesus practices because men see themselves as gods. And in this era mans arrogance is the ultimate error...So I ask you are you a part of a generation...a era where lies are the spindle of perfect deception that weaves through your mind. And materialism has become your inception...Let denial of the truth become like irritated eyes caused by cheap color contacts that you keep buying to induce false beauty because you have yet to realize that a magazine, your outer appearance, nor a Webster, Oxford, or American Heritage dictionary can define you. This Common Era does not make you. Let morals, values, and premises of kindness lend you the kindness to not be aloof. Because in this Common Era you are the difference and the difference is truth.


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