The REAL Truth

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 20:58 -- cking97

Driving down my street and what do I see?

Groups of young men that all have the potential to be


but they don't see this; they THINK the truth is

"I live on these streets, that's how I make my money

so I can provide for Lil Ma' and my sonny

I stay on my grind ALL DAY

Because for me, It's the only way"

But that's NOT the TRUTH, it's just what they BELIEVE!

What I see are young men who can ACHIEVE and SUCCEED.

Instead they BLEED after being gunned down for selling trees,

Everybody's at Dee's funeral asking "How could this be?"

I shake my head because I want them to know,

this is NOT the path you are obligated to follow.

You CAN go to school, You CAN get a degree!

Go get a job and STOP trying to be "the man" on the street!

Because the REAL TRUTH is, on the street you're going to die,

So take off that disguise and see how much your momma cries,

She sees you hanging out with these HOODLUM guys

Running around the street, putting your lives on the line.



That what you think is "TRUE" is just a LIE.


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