Not What It Seems

This is an image of my past as you can see.


I'm not the entire focus. 

I'm one of many people.


Taken years ago,

you look upon it and it appears to be taken on a regular summer day.


In fact, it was.


The grass is barely grown,

brown, parched, patches here and there,

goes with the uneven wooden fence in the sun-drenched backyard.


Shade, provided by clusters of trees

that appear as if straining to be a part of this memory.


All around us,

littered on the grass,

old, plastic white chairs turned yellow.


Many things people are unaware of,

when they glance upon this snapshot.


None of the kids in this picture,

wanted to be captured in time.


Look closely at our appearing smiling faces,

and maybe you'll spot me.

Perhaps you will notice I'm not smiling.


Only a ghost of a smile.

Because if there was one thing,

I truly despised,


is pretending.



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