As the rain falls, it cries


As the rain falls, it cries 
Pouring before the loss to arise
Here I lay chained to fate
I tried to escape the hold of hate
When I finally found my heart,
I’m alone again and we’re apart
As the years passed, I resisted
Hating how much I existed
You taught me how to see
The different side of me
You finally came through
And then I lost you
That promise to you is still inside
I tried my best to run and hide
Saving anyone, is much too late
Now I just, watch them wait
My will and power, I can’t hold
As I’m a prisoner of this cold
Remembering the world through my eyes,
I can see now all the ties
Our eyes are the same, in the past and now
And all I ask myself is how
How I was blind with my all-seeing sight
Being a player, in this last fight
Now I lay here wincing in pain,
Watching weakly at the rain.


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