You'll be all alone...


When the world goes dry and the day grows cold

you can't turn to someone to open up your soul

Like its when you cry

the time flies by

and you're left there wondering why you're you here all alone

no ear to hear

no shouder to lean

no arms to embrace your sadness

you're just alone

In this dry world looking for a pain of eyes

to see what you can"t see

to feel the same pain thats within thee

questioning God like why me?

what you fail to realize is things happen for a reason

no matter the time nor season you have to be strong

because if you're weak

you'll feel wrong that you let yourself down

put that crown on your head its you against the world

in this dry world that grows cold

where's the smile

why so afraid?

you've been betrayed and now you're like what's the point

imagine looking into your children eyes

making them realize

that there is still courage to keep going

without knowing that God's going to bless you in the future

still sad?

shouldn't be

sometimes you gaze past thess for yourself

because in this dry world

the day grows cold and you'll be all alone.


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