Length of A Weary Night

this the type of shit that make you run yo mouth

asking how 

but only answers are not given to what you amount

the sound of clout 

ringing in your ears its so bodatious

man i like that word


bruh my mind is ostentatious 

it even flirts

with it self 

thats absurd 

but the market buys it 

and even asks for more abstract freedom

they call new rappers to the mic and ask for something fire, lit 

admire fuck you

this aint your hobby 

so stop lobbying for me to do what you want

that selfish

man don’t be overzealous 

replenish whats embellished on

to salvage your peace of mind

take it from the one guy who can’t even hit rewind

Im truly one of a kind

I can’t even stop

Man I’m done with this grind

I hate this shit

Im gifted


mind drifted in this


im feelin lifted

im a player when I enter

im a super sonic boom

closed eyes bright light its that imminent doom



ask why well its reason

who brews frustrate in a handful 


its not my girl red menstrul

wanna hurl 


they trust me they love me


of making yo name un savable

im unstable

but lemme get on with this fable

Man I've been out a long time,

Killem with rhymes 

sittin at black table 

I've done my time,

Hit rewind and tell em,

My story ain't so glorious,

Infamous for breakin rules and Lyin start a riot? Why not try it.

Got em chantin whatever I want

I lead it, well more like lead it,

Graduated with outstansin credits,

All I want to do is music now I'll use it truly abuse it like I did with drugs chillin in jacoozies

Maybe one day make a movie

cinched my thought process to come here

london baby loosen the suns been up lately

since the caking I’ve been relating

and you’ve been up hating


as I watch myself maybe ing

Ill never make it to the paying 

my flow is like water 

the current travels farther 

than the destiny could muster

I guess these clusters showed nothing

about a junky or a punky

I’m the latter

and i hate that shit

like flunking

but i do it anyways

someones out to get me

theres gotta 

be a higher power but no god

I aint stupid

no governmental applaud I

aint doing this

Im fluid too

got cupid arrows true

fuck this shit man fuck society too

they murderers of tradition

they eyein all superstition

until believers are goners

the mission is to put the pawns in position

I’m the the player held all the king’s to commision

the new addition 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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