Innocent Heart


Chardae Prevo

Septemeber 19, 2013

Innocent Heart

            As the rain drops, and hits the ground hard, tears begin falling from the young girls face to the ground, not caring about getting soaked, because her heart was broken that bad. As she continues walking, she think of the lies that were just tied in pretty bows, the memories came back as if they never left, they just stayed. The thoughts of what she had was sad to say the least, a girl with a innocent heart had got it broken but never deserved to. As she walks she thinks “Why? Why me? I didn’t deserve this to happen to me! What have I ever done to deserve to get my heart broken?

 My emotions are so innocent but now they’re not being spoken, the tears say it all as they continue to fall”. All the memories came back of that cute little text message that said “I love you and good morning beautiful”, but now that means nothing. Heart full of pain, mind full of enemies, emotions mixed up please don’t tell me this is just the beginning. Long hair soaked, shoes wet, clothes soaked, face? Wet. The more steps she takes the more tears that falls, the more lies that come back the more lies that were told. The permanent steps that she walks through are not like walking on the beach, it’s more like walking in wet cement.

Still walking on this late evening, as cars go by to their destinations, she thinks my heart doesn’t have a destination; it was just a route that was re-located. The deepness in the story the sadness in the pain, feels like it will never go away, but eventually she will be well! Heart still beating with mad intensity, fist balled up, and anger is in the air! Who would have ever thought one of the closest people to you would hurt you, but at the same time how could you be so stupid? The signs were there, the actions weren’t, and the words were there, but the truth? It wasn’t. Coming to realization of how she could have done better, fist releases, tears stop falling, her mind pauses.

Looking at her surroundings and all that’s around her, she spots a flower that’s right in the middle of blooming, she stops to think that could be me, “I mean the flower is still here and been through all these hard rain drops, the peddles are still on, beautiful and red”, now she starts thinking some more of what her mother had said. “Never think to hard because you will find yourself hurting more than you are”. Those exact words that came out of her mother’s mouth, she had repeated.

Thinking that’s the truth and steady repeating and a little pain start to go away, now how about saying that every day? Trust in your mother believe what she says she know the actual truth because she has been through it before. As she moves along walking down the street she thinks about the choices that she had made, she had found her destination and started heading there, when she walked up to the door she looked down at the welcome mat, looked up and said to herself with a smile on her face, I’m home, let’s try life again.



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