"What He Taught Me"

Something about this generation irks me.

And it's how we use the word love.

It's used Loosely, without passion or meaning.

And I was one who did the same until I met Him.

I learned love isn't something you can fully express into words.

I learned that love controls you.

You are always trying to impress, copying their movements, saying what they say, and doing what they enjoy more than you.

You are always nervous, with clammy hands, constant shaking and improper speech.

You lose the ability to put your love into words.

Saying things like: "I love you because you make me smile, I love you because you are smart, I love you because you are beautiful" isn't original and is just another way of worming into one's heart, because;

Love is when you find yourself speechless around them, especially when trying to explain your love.

Love is when you compare others to your lover and always say they are still the best one at what they do.

Love is when you find everyone else less attractive than your lover, pointing out their flaws as beauty.

Love is when you find yourself missing them even when you're right next to them, missing their touch, the contact of your lips and your bodies becoming one.

Love is an essence, that is hard to get rid of after heartbreak, that leaves you more than just heartbroken, it leaves you with mixed emotions, it leaves you questioning and blaming yourself, it leaves you to mentally tear yourself apart until you finally have that same love again.

But will never be the same again.

Because the first love is and always will be, as mentioned before, an essence, that you will never forget or be able to get rid of as a feeling or memory.

That's why Real Love hurts for more than just days, weeks, months.

Real love will make you cautious.

Real love will make you lifeless, and drained of energy once it's gone.

Real love will make you insane.

Using it out of fear, out of Ambition, out of ignorance, lack of experience or just to have that rebound.

That's what irks me about this generation, the overuse of "I love you", without knowing what it really means, using it in the wrong ways.

Hurting others, in ways you don't want to be hurt.

Love Is not about lying, betraying, or Using someone.

It's about caring for each other, being there when others can't, being that shoulder to cry on.

He showed me what Real love is...

And honestly..

I don't see it in any of you.


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"He showed me what Real love is...

And honestly..

I don't see it in any of you."


What a plot twist!

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