Broken people

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 02:47 -- dmj3473


United States
United States

Broken people, broken things,

Shine and glitter in the light.

The greatest miracles to be seen,

Is what God can accomplish with the broken by His might.


For from great sorrow can come repentance,

And transformation from tragedy.

In great mercy, Love is given,

And those in chains are set free.


Free from their past, their scars,

The things they wish most to forget.

 In acceptance of this fresh new start,

Joy, hope, and goodness spark to life again.


Beating hearts, breathing bodies,

Dry bones who think that they live.

Will see that they were only dying slowly,

When they are broken by their sin.


 In that moment at rock bottom,

If they look up and lift their eyes.

Upon the Savior they shall gaze,

and discover the mystery of the Christ.


That sometimes the wealthiest men have nothing

And that those who see have no sight.

That Sometimes to be fixed you must be broken,

and to truly live you must die.



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