Trust Issues


Marriottsville, Maryland 21104
2224 Waverly Overlook Ct.
United States

I know...

That this is something we don't like to hear.

But the way we survived has made only one thing clear.

We hate to be betrayed...

But we never own up to the truth.


How come we only take a leap of faith,

when we've got nothing to lose,

when we make our biggest breaks?


Put our legacies behind.

We've made a million people cry,

all because we're traumatized.


We're living in a firefighter world:

setting matches,

stealing girls,

beating children,

leaving all of us disturbed.


Can't even look me in the eye.

Tell a truth, tell a lie.

Questioning our enterprise.


Does it matter where we're shooting?

Shoot a demon, shoot a life.

Find out ways to rationalize.

Cuz in the end we're still alive.


What a shame, we couldn't try

to make trust and trust abide.

Instead we set our hearts aside.







This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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