It’s hard to miss something you never really had, 
But that’s all part of not having a dad 
Don’t get me wrong, I wish he were here, 
But like always he’s no where near. 
He’d be angry to know I’ve lost all respect, 
My answer to him would be 
“what did you expect?” 
He was never there, 
And as a child I believed that was unfair 
That sad thing is, 
I gave him, chance after chance, 

Now I am older and wiser, 
And wouldn’t give him a second glance. 
I hate having to feel this way, 
As for him, there’s no nice words I could say. 
I'm too mad he made up his mind, 
For I am the daughter he will never find. 
I thank my mother for who and what I am.. 
As for you “dad” I don’t give a damn.. 
You could of owned a place on my heart, 
But you did nothing more than just tear it apart. 
It takes a man to be a father, 
As for you dad you didn’t even bother.



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