“You pray, God listens.”

The biggest lie I’ve ever heard.

He wasn’t there when I laid dying,

He wasn’t there when I asked for advice,

He wasn’t there when I begged for understanding.

Then I met him,

His friends gave me hope,

He showed me God’s word,

He showed me the truth,

Then, I prayed to God,

One last time, my last chance,

To believe

He answered,

“When you lay broken, I cried for you.

When you asked, I never answered out of a father teaching a child.

When you begged, I trusted you to find your way home.

He is my gift to you; Take it.

Accept him as my gift for your sorrows,

A gift for all the pain you endured,

A gift that will give you blessings only I can give.”

“You pray, God Listens.”

The best thing I have ever known.


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