Authors of Life

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 14:04 -- loyap


If I cannot speak, the writing will do it so

As I write my chapters of life, words can let you know

One moment I feel like dropping the pen

But I hold onto it and keep going again.

The permanent ink can never be erased,

So it has surpassed, but I made it at last.

All I can do is read it over, and over

I can never fix my mistakes but I am a landrover.

Why one writes, and why does one draw?

Art is what unites us all.

The script writer, the author, poetry is a free verse

An opportunity to put a meaning behind these words.

Poetry means a free for all expression

Describing our thoughts, passion, hatred, our depressions.

Simple yet, inspirational we all need that break

We are the authors living and it is our future we make.





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