To walk into a room,

To walk into a room,
the walls adorned with art,
poets words 
are begging to fall
into papers below.  
This is what I want to do.  
The career I seek is one out of need, 
to be the one who fosters, teaches and inspires
those who need a base, a roof, a pillar
when all they have been given is a a meek shelter.
This is what I want to do.  
Not to mold but,
to ignite a flaming spark
that shoots through their veins spilling
onto paper as,
words. paint. art.
A credential to teach in the primary;
The mastery in sciences,
arithmetic, languages,
and the love for instilling passions and laying foundations.
Whereas, to teach in the secondary;
A devotion to an area of expertise
with the wisdom of a high school senior
in an adult vessel.  
This is what I want to do.  
Some news articles
tout that the jobs are expected to grow,
while others state the unrelenting truth
that mentors are underappreciated, underrepresented, and underpaid.
This is still what I want to do.  
they fail to realize something of paramount importance. 
I'm only human and my need to be needed is fulfilled
when I step into the classroom and a couple dozen students stare right up at me with assorted gazes of boredom, freedom, and hunger for knowledge.  
All of my selected pupils will enter with different desires.
Some with the desire to leave and go home.
Some with the desire to escape home.
Some with the desire to have a place to call home. 
Some with the desire to come home, anew.  
Our time, will not be wasted.
It's not for the paycheck.
It's not for the attention.
It's not for the power to rule.
It's not for the privileges.
It's all for those before me who gave the support I desperately needed. 
Its for the ones who stayed long after the bell ended to open my eyes for the lesson misunderstood.
It's for the mentors before me who gave me the knowledge to be better then yesterday. 
It's for the teachers who pushed me to become a hard worker.
its all for those older then me who gave me the prodding of truth to awaken my passions.
It's something I want to do for others.  
Teaching to me is a dream job come true.  
They planted the seeds in my path 
so that I could grow into a fiery rose
illuminating the wandering seeds younger then me
so they can reach the stars I could not.  
It will become a reality. 
It's a dream I will do. 
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We need more teachers with that attitude. Please keep going for it.

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