"Painted Smile" :)

Painted smile, feeling vile
regretting the time gone
that wasn't worth the while...

Cry over what?,
how can I miss some thing I never had
but a desire of what I wanted it to be..

I let it go....now what?

Pretend the pain doesn't exist?
but there is one twist
I can't help but miss...
miss the future plans, 
on days we would soon have reminisced

Going through the motions
leaving my devotions
open for re-evaluation
I get congratulations

but for what? 
For letting go of 
eleviating my heart
broken in side but...

I am getting pats on the back
so I fake a smile, 
and hold my head up
all the while
pretending the pain doesn't exist
Heart heavy, 
I sit here wondering, ... 
how can u miss what you never had?
Have broken dreams but too bad.

I will go on, even if for now I'm Fragile
hope they don't recognize my Painted on Smile.


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