September 11th, 2001 - Jumpers

Imagine yourself.

Being trapped in the,

Twin Towers.

Knowing you're going to die.

And you have one decision to make,

either to suffocate,

from the smoke,

or jump to a fast,

and painful death.


Imagine the fact,

that you're never,

ever, ever, ever,

going to see your loved ones again,

or be able to tell them,

you love them.


Imagine falling,

and wishing that you go,

unconscious before you slap,

to the ground.


Or imagine, 

closing your eyes in a cubical,

while you're slowly being suffocated.

How would you feel?

Knowing that there's no way out of this,

and that this is the end of your road.


I'm trying to put myself,

in that position right now,

and the immense pain I'm going through is,



The fact that I know,

I'm going to be dead within,

the next ten minutes would probably,

be enough to send my heart into shock.


So many things would go through my mind.

My life would flash before my eyes,

and not only the life I lived,

but the future,

I always wanted.


We complain so much about the, 

decisions in our lives.

These people had no time to complain.

They never got the option of life,

it was death,

or death.


And that was it.


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