Clarifying Redefinition of a Vague and Important Word

Sun, 08/12/2018 - 01:08 -- Aegis

Books and bags define it as price tags
Money for short skirts and heels
Friends and peers define it with jeers
As whoever can eat the least meals
The jeered have fear that they'll never hear
Their interest of red call them this
The mentally sick try to look like a stick
Because that's what happens when snakes hiss
Snake tongues rat tails poisonous lizard bites
Spider venom shadow trails endless tormenting light
I cut my hand while trying to stand
Above a height I did doubt
But this wound was real and just couldn't heal
And if tapped on I'd release a shout
It did get infected and people interested
In knowing when it-would fall off
And several weeks later it still wasn't better
Because the owner enjoyed when people scoff
This hand was injured. Badly. And worsened by the day. 
The word was redefined. Wrongly. Based of what people say.
And who's to say that beauty isn't thinness? 
For all I care it can be
Who am I to say that fashion is broken
When some people like what they see
But from my whole life I've learned many things
Not all of them from books or peers
I've learned a thing or two when wisdom was due
And some of it was from breaking mirrors
Ugly faces crooked smile wicked slighting grin
Beauty crisis as sunrises from looking within
You're not petty, you're pretty
Get this inside your fair head
You're not a fluke you're just cute
Hear now and end the tear-shed
If you've ever been told you are ugly
and have cried when you look in a mirror
Then I'll ask you right here to please trust me
Next time you think you are queer:
The most beautiful thing that's yet to be seen
Is you


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