We have come here

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 16:19 -- Vonciel


We have come here to these borders

drenched in the sweat and blood of those who have come before us.

They could see far more clearly through their own pain, than we can in our own

We have taken on their bitterness instead of their endurance

We have immersed ourselves in their fear of the future instead of their living hope.


We go thirsty

while wading deeply within the fresh water of knowledge's  rivers.

We go hungry

deep within the foliage of wisdom's forests.


The battle has been won to bring us to this distant frontier 

but the war is waging far beneath the surface;

far beneath our multi-colored skin and our youthful lumionisty;

our eyesight is dimming;

another light is fading.


We must set it on fire again.

The nearness of words have made us dumb.

The closeness of sound has made us deaf.

Our world has taken on a voice of its own,

to which we hear but do not care to listen.


If we do not stop wading; we will drown.

If we do not stop eating; we will starve.

As wisdom consumes the mind; it must also consume the heart.

We cannot learn truth without the intention to use it to love.

We must learn so that we may better love.


Awake from your excess before you are empty.

Awake and partake of that which is right in front of you.

Allow your eyes to fully perceive that which you see.

Allow your ears to fall deeply in love with the music of contentment.




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